Becoming a Doctor

There is a large demand for doctors and other healthcare professionals in Canada and all over the world. Is a career as a doctor for you?

Should I Become a Doctor?

A career as a doctor can be exciting and fulfilling, but it also requires very long hours of work and can be stressful. Explore if a career as a doctor is right for you.

Should I Become a Doctor?

How Do I Become a Doctor?

Becoming a doctor is a big commitment and lots of work, but it can be done. It helpsĀ to understand what's required at each stage of education and training.

How do I Become a Doctor?

Questions & Answers

You have questions about becoming a doctor in Canada. We have the answers.

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Choosing & Getting
Into Med School

When it is time to choose a medical school, the process and options can be overwhelming. In the Canadian university system, there is no direct entry from high school into medical school.

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Residency Training

Once you've completed your degree in medicine, the next step is choosing a specialty and training as a resident doctor.

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