Choosing & Getting into Med School

When it is time to choose a medical school, the process and options can be overwhelming. In the Canadian university system, there is no direct entry from high school into medical school.

Choosing a Med School

You must be in an undergraduate degree program prior to application and admission to a medical school program. Generally, you prepare for medical school application during your third or fourth year in your undergraduate (pre-medicine) program. This includes completing your Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) prior to making application to medical school. Admission requirements vary among schools.

Your first step is to choose which medical schools you want to apply to. The process and options can be overwhelming. To make it even more complicated, admission requirements vary among schools.

For university-specific information on medical school acceptance, please have a look through the Canadian Med Schools Admission Requirements PDF. It breaks down the admission requirements of each med school.

For more information on application information for individual Canadian medical schools, visit those university websites.

Getting Into Med School