Steps to consider

Applying to more than one school

Ensure you complete the required courses for the schools where you choose to apply. Carefully look into the course prerequisites for each school, as the requirements differ by school.

Your preferred learning style

Some medical schools deliver the degree through small group based learning model while others use a traditional classroom model.

The cost of tuition and living expenses

Fees vary significantly across Canada. Medical degrees are three- or four- year degree programs. You will need to create a budget to calculate cost of living, application fees, tuition, travel, lab supplies, and textbooks to cover the time of your studies.

The time it takes to apply

Putting together multiple applications requires a lot of preparation and work. Most med schools require:

  • letters of references
  • essays or writing samples
  • information about your volunteer or extra curriculum activities
  • transcripts from your undergraduate degree

This all takes time so start work on your application early!

AND... most medical schools also interview potential candidates, and the interview process isn’t easy.

So, you will need the time prepare for that as well.

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