How Do I Become A Doctor?

Becoming a doctor is a big commitment and lots of work!

Your Undergrad Degree and Residency

When you have successfully completed an undergrad degree you can apply to medical school either in Canada or abroad. Take note that some medical schools:

  • Accept students after two full-time years of study towards their undergraduate degree
  • Require you to pass the MCAT exam before applying. Others no longer require the MCAT so research carefully before you apply.


Upon completion of your medical degree, you move into the residency phase of your training, also referred to as PGME (Post Graduate Medical Training). This is a “hands on” training period during which resident physicians are taught by preceptors (physician instructors) in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare sites. Residency lengths vary depending upon the specialty you choose. Typically, the more specialized the program, the longer the residency. Upon successful completion of your residency training, you are ready to practice on your own.

The journey to becoming a doctor, including an undergraduate degree, a medical degree and residency training, usually takes a minimum of ten years.