Career Opportunities for Doctors

Doctors have amazing career opportunities. Did you know:

  • There are over 120 specialties to choose from. Specialties are branches of medical science that focus on a particular organ, symptom or disease, or patient age. You train for a specialty during residency. Dermatologist, pediatrician, emergency medicine and internal medicine are examples of specialties.
  • You can try before you buy. Want to experience working in a specific community before you commit to a full-time position? Many doctors explore a career move beforehand by doing a locum position: a temporary job created if a hospital is short-staffed or the regular physician is absent. You can experience many diverse work environments this way.
  • You can teach. Some doctors end up teaching other doctors in medical schools, hospitals and clinics. The instruction can be academic or clinical. Clinical instruction can involve teaching procedures or evaluating a doctor’s skills if they were trained in another country.
  • You can research. Many doctors have engaged in ground-breaking research that has changed medical practice as we know it. Through their involvement in research, doctors have solved many medical dilemmas that increased patient survival rates and improved care.
  • You are mobile. If your medical training is from a Canadian university, you can apply to for a license in any province you’d like to practice in. You can also move from an urban to rural area to experience an extensive, varied practice. Practicing outside of Canada is more involved, but many doctors seek out international opportunities- particularly as a way of giving back in countries of high need. There’s Doctors Without Borders and the Canadian Military Service.