What is CARMS?

The Canadian Residency Matching Service (CaRMS) is the organization that matches med school graduates to residency spots across Canada.

How It Works

  • Upon graduating from med school, you submit an electronic application to CaRMS.
  • Then you complete an in-person interview with the organization you are interested in training at, such as a teaching hospital.
  • Actually, many students travel to several interviews across Canada during the residency matching process. This can become costly.
  • Next, you rank where you would like to train from your most-to-least desired positions.
  • However, the offers you get are commonly not your first choice.
  • Most residents accept what’s offered because it is essential to complete residency in order to become a licensed physician.
  • The residency program is very competitive, and it is recommended that you be open-minded about locations.